Kalle Söderman - Architecture

This website contains a collection of old student projects and various studies done outside my dayjobs. I'm currently switching webserver software and moving things around so there might be some glitches.

2015-09-10 Went for a walk from Farsta strand to Sköndal, 2015-09-08 Went for a walk in Fisksätra, 2014-11-15 New photographs from Veneto, 2014-09-29 Made the sites work better on mobile devices, 2014-07-24 New server backend ikiwiki results in visual changes, 2014-03-22 Photographs from trip to Istanbul uploaded, 2014-02-16 My sites are now available via self signed https, 2013-09-13 Stockholm project now updated with actual material, 2013-07-16 Set up the site for my Stockholm walks. 2013-06-30 Simplified the website to make it load faster, 2013-06-01 Currently on paternity leave walking Stockholm taking pictures, will upload eventually.