My Room


My Room

  • The layers of paint and plaster have become so thick and uneven that a landscape has formed.
  • This landscape is difficult to inhabit, it is in itself not comfortable but places in it can become so.
  • It allows for you to be on any surface, there are no tables chairs or shelves.

My Room

No straight lines
Moulded trimmings
Wall texture
Secret Room
Drawing Board

Diffrent perspective

The room is experienced more intensely when living on the floor. Materiality and proportions are stronger when there are no high furniture against the wall.

Site Drawings

Rendered door
Spiderman view
Site plan
East long-section
Window cross-section
West long-section
Door cross-section
Rendered window

The site is my room

In this small space the intervention is to take place.


Landscape Perspective
Long-section 1
Long-section 2
Cross-section 2

Proposed Landscape

Seen as a landscape formed from the walls of the room. The structure allows me to acces the top closet and inhabit the space as a child in a landscape.

Cast model

Negative mould
View inside
The Model
Proximity storage

Materiality model

This cast model shows the relationship between the room and my intervention. They are meant to be one, growing out of each other.


The Palace of Projects (Proposal for a Habitat)

By: Daniel Serafimovski

Read with care Illya Kabakov`s description of Project 11, Concentration in the Closet , from his installation The Palace of Projects (1996-98). Read and contemplate your interperetation of this piece in conjunction with the descriptions following 11 Projects from the same installation:

  • Project 4: Encounters with the past
  • Project 10: Looking upward
  • Project 18: Projects for long-term endeavours
  • Project 19: My book of Projects
  • Project 21: The Corner of projects
  • Project 25: I sleep in the Garden
  • Project 39: Suite of world music
  • Project43: Closet of solitude
  • Project 57: Generator of ideas
  • Project 58: Threre are no such things as unsuccesful projects
  • Project 59: A box for completing projects

Respond to Kabakov`s proposals for the improvement for the improvement of the world through an interpretation of Project 11, a proposal of yoour own idea, an object, a means for the transformation of a particular spacec within the geography of your own home. of

This is a project about the space of Utopia, or, if you wish, a utopian project. We will however be looking to appy some of your ideas into the very real task of appropriating the space of Studio 4 to your needs — which will be the subject of the next project (as a continuation of this one). As a process this will allow you to consider the Universal potential of the subjective, and to contemplate the realm in-between the imaginary and the real, the wordly/otherwordly, notions of private/public.

Choose a favourite place in your home, or a prefered aspect/corner/detail of that place. Map out this place--surveying the space with the help of drawings, models, photo-documentation, or other means, so as to locate and visually describe the nature, or geography of the space for which an intervention is intended. The minimal intervention is also an exploration of issues related to small spaces . Describe this utopian project, choosing whether to adopt Kabakovs prescriptive means or inventing a method of your own with a similar sense of precision.

Approach this project with as free a mind as possible. As background, refer to the followin artists, whoose work has been introduced in the accompanying texts:

  • Absalons Proposal for a Habitat and other related projects
  • Marina Abramovitch's Waiting for an idea
  • And other projects on Transitional Objects