Final photographs

End wall
Street elevation
Tunnels: Tighter crop

Tyre Shop

...Trough this exercise you will be asked to express your observations though the use of the photographic media... The images you create should portray the spatial particularities of that place... this is an exercise of ‘seeing’ (and composition)...

The building sits on Hornsey Road, I pass it every time I walk to school. Together with the viaduct, the street, the pavement & the terrace it forms an interesting place. I especially like the way the pavement flows out around that corner, becomes a bit fatter and then drops down. It would go unnoticed without the wedge-shaped tyre shop coming out of the terrace pushing and articulating that corner. The viaduct helps with its punched holes and sharp enclosure.

First photographs

Tyreshop corner
Corner and tunnels
Cafe and roundabout
Pub and parasoll
Cycle path

Failed Photos

The disposable camera produced underexposed images.

Second attempt

First tyreshop
From sidestreet
Looking back
Glased elevation
Sidestreet curb
The sun

More photographs

Due to the poor quality of the first photographs I had to try againg — this time using my own camera. It is also an attempt to better comunicate what i find special about these places.

Dress Shop

Dress shop
Dress shop
Dress shop

Another Building

There are many interesting junctions on Hornsey Road. And there is something about shutters.


Observation and Narratives

Through this exercise you will be asked to express you observations through the use of the photographic media. The image(s) you create should result in a visual description of a place that is either in or around your house/a friend's house, or a place on your journey to college. It could even be within the college. The image created should portray the spatial particularity of that place/view.

The visual narratie could be composed by creating a series of images by focusing into parts of a single photograph, or by creating a series of related images of the same place. The layout and succession of the images can be structured over a number of A3 pages; it is important, however, to be restrictive and precise in the choice of images and number of pages. A lot can be said by bery little

A title and a single sentence or short assembly of words can be used, if desired, to complement the visual work and intention.

As this is an exercise of 'seeing' (and composition), we will avoid technical photographic issues and create a 'common gound' to the exercise by adhering to the use of simple APS format instant cameras. This will also limit the amount of images you can take and assist you to focus on the act of observation and thought.