Kalle Söderman - Architecture

This website contains a collection of old student projects and various studies done outside my dayjobs. No real architecture projects I've worked on are on display here. See my cv for links to offices I've worked at.

2023-07 Photographed some northern churches, 2020-11Soccer practice parental corona ban, nice building next door, 2020-07Visited some local buildings and a fence, 2019-06-07walked around Krusboda, 2019-05-30Saw another Edman in Uppsala, 2019-03-30Walked to Älta, 2018-08-04Passed some buildings on a car trip, 2018-03Ponti lunch walk and RSS feed for the img homepage, 2018-02Took some lunch walks, 2017-07Aaltofest, 2017-04-01Visited a lab by Asplund, 2017-03-16Saw a church crematorium police train and makers village with Vera, 2016-11-26revisited buildings with Casswell Bank and students, 2016-06-28Saw buildings in Malmö and Uppsala, 2016-05-22Visited Villa Erskine, 2016-05-17New photos from Chicago, 2016-03-26Went for walks in Jorbro and Brandbergen, 2016-01-04Added Ellt Crematory photos, 2015-12-14Went for a walk in Masmo, 2015-11-07Added some drawings to the Stockholm project, 2015-11-05Went for a walk from Valla Torg to Kärrtorp, 2015-09-10Went for a walk from Farsta strand to Sköndal, 2015-09-08Went for a walk in Fisksätra, 2014-11-15New photographs from Veneto, 2014-09-29Made the sites work better on mobile devices, 2014-07-24New server backend ikiwiki results in visual changes, 2014-03-22Photographs from trip to Istanbul uploaded, 2014-02-16My sites are now available via self signed https, 2013-09-13Stockholm project now updated with actual material, 2013-07-16Set up the site for my Stockholm walks. 2013-06-30 Simplified the website to make it load faster, 2013-06-01Currently on paternity leave walking Stockholm taking pictures, will upload eventually.