Debian website template

git clone git://

  • Copy the most recent debian.css from <>
  • Create a new empty css file following the naming convention deb$subdomain.css
  • Add an @import url("debian.css"); line to your new css file
  • Link to the deb$subdomain.css stylesheet in your html markup.
  • Proceed to add a the minimum amount of tweaks and corrections to the new css file. If this file grows to large you are likely doing it wrong. Keep in mind that consistency across sites is important and even small customizations, perhaps even more so small ones, bring back the noise and inconsistencies of the old websites. You might feel strongly about that space of that colour but taking a wider view breaking the whole probably isn't worth it. Try to copy existing styles to your new elements, or even better rename your elements.
  • If required change your backend templates to follow the structure of